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Ciudad Real Auditorium

Third prize in an international competition in partnership with Integral Engineering to design the new Auditorium-Pavilion of Ciudad Real.

The project aims to create open public spaces around a building where the social and the artistic intermingle. The auditorium has a capacity for 1,100 spectators and can host a multitude of scenarios and works of different genres and acoustic requirements. It is surrounded by a cyber library, landscaped areas, and parks for cultural activities.

The artistic park and outdoor plaza are conceived as an extension of the activities of the auditorium and serve as a connection with the neighborhood and the rest of the city. The building concept is a “mesh” of a range of uses and activities into a volume that is both form and content at the same time.

The most remarkable design feature is the lattice wrapping the facade and the roof in two different layers. A first skin made of a perforated mesh reduces the sunlight like a lattice and creates spaces for use as terraces, shady spaces, paths, and housing of facilities, etc. This is the most visible part of the building, revealing with transparency the inner spaces. A second skin insulates and protects the building. It is made of massive concrete, formed or projected over a metal structure, giving a personality to each area and use, distinguishing the different activities through the differences in colors, textures, etc.

The mesh not only works as a typical facade, but also helps to make the building sustainable by reducing direct sunlight, while allowing the entry of natural light throughout the building. It also hosts the solar energy systems to provide hot water and photovoltaic electricity. In addition, it camouflages the large machines in a building of this type and creates shaded spaces that can be used as terraces.

A building of great scope, able to fully integrate into the environment


Place/Date: Ciudad Real, 2005
Client: Ciudad Real City Council
Budget: Confidential
Area: 15.000 m2
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: Integral Engineering
Project Status: Tender, Third prize
Team: David Ávila - Marta Cumellas - José Luis Lleó - Martina Rauhut - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal