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The refurbishment of the Colón Towers begins

The comprehensive reform of Colón Towers, one of the most emblematic buildings in Madrid, began after the installation of a huge 138-meter crane.

The towers, example of hanging architecture and inaugurated in 1976, are currently owned by Mutua Madrileña. "We want to give it back the innovative spirit with which they were born and bring them to the 21st century," explains Luis Vidal, president of luis vidal + architects and responsible for the transformation and modernization of the property.

The project, which has the favorable approval of the Commission for the Protection of the Historical-Artistic and Natural Heritage of the Madrid City Council, will transform the building into a new icon for the capital and a benchmark in sustainable architecture worldwide. The works are expected to be completed by the end of 2023, becoming the first nearly Zero-Energy Building (nZEB) in the country.