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An international team led by Luis Vidal, among the five finalists for the Alameda Providencia Urban Design Project

The proposal of Spanish architecture practice luis vidal + architects, based in Santiago, Chile, has been selected as a finalist for the urban development project Nueva Alameda Providencia. Luis vidal + architects, and the international engineering and urban development firm, Arup, as an external consultant, join forces to create the best team together with Rodrigo Neira Garrido (Ruz and Vukasovik) as local transportation engineer.

This alliance's main objective is to develop a project for the Alameda Providencia axis that improves the quality of life of the people of Santiago by transforming the Avenue into a large ecological and sustainable public space that articulates the national and urban identity, with substantial improvements in public transport and other forms of mobility within it.

The proposal has been selected, among other things, for its development of a powerful and comprehensive master plan for the improvement of public transport. Urban planning strategies were also evaluated, based on the integration of land use and transport nodes to create potential new sub-centers as well as the organization of the road grid based on "superblocks" as a way of reducing congestion and vehicle crossings in the axis.

The proposal aimed to generate urban actions that give value to the historical heritage, operations that revitalize the urban space, allowing us to regenerate the city and enjoy it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.