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Reserva Los Robles, the newest urban development project in Santo Domingo

Master plan Reserva Los Robles, the newest urban development project by the international practice luis vidal + architects in the Dominican Republic, has been recently launched in Santo Domingo. It is destined to become a benchmark in residential and commercial design after the presentation of all the details of its design, composition and philosophy.

It is an unprecedented ensemble where nature merges with building, achieving a flexible, unifying, sustainable and eco-friendly result. A recognizable and innovative space called to become a landmark, a focal point for activities that will produce synergies and become an attractive element for both residents and visitors.

The master plan, in addition to containing a unique and healthy residential development, will enable the creation of one of the most important commercial, institutional and leisure activity poles in the entire National District. Furthermore, the design has been conceived to promote the connection between the environment and the residents. An exclusive way of living in a safe atmosphere, with all services at hand.

This complex, with almost one million square meters and located in the Northwest of the National District, next to the Embassy of the United States, is composed by two areas differentiated by their use: the urbanization Reserva Los Robles and the homonymous commercial park.

The first one is a predominantly residential development on lands with the highest environmental value and provided with the most exclusive resources to meet the needs of this generation and the ones to come. It’s a unique place to live in harmony with nature, surrounded by an impressive green ecosystem.

The second zone is the Commercial and Services Area of Reserva Los Robles, located on both sides of avenida República de Colombia, part facing the new American Embassy and part acting as the front of the new residential development. It also includes institutional and recreational uses.

As part of the project, it has been launched the website, with an intuitive design and an exquisite look and feel. Easy to navigate, the aim is to show this master plan to the user, so that they can delve into it and discover all its details.

The site, clear, user-friendly and highly visual, offers the visitor an exhaustive tour through this novel and singular ensemble, which will become an authentic center of activity. In an orderly and simple way, and with excellent taste, it provides the user with detailed information on the location, the master plan and the landscape.

The visitor will be able to immerse themselves in Reserva Los Robles easily and explore all its characteristics. Plans, recreations, photographs and even an explanatory video enable the users to experience this unique natural environment with its own identity, which will boost the area both socially and economically.

Responsive web design has been used to create this site in order to make the page render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. Thus, the page adapts the layout to the viewing environment, and usability and satisfaction are ensured.