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luis vidal + architects raises the guest experience in its new fit out for the Hotel B&B Puerta del Sol in Madrid

luis vidal + architects goes a step further in the smart boutique hotel concept to offer a technological architecture, a flexible and memorable moment in the Hotel B&B Puerta del Sol, a building of 3,350 square meters in the heart of Madrid, located at numbers 10-12 on the street of Montera. The fit out and equipment have been done for 74 rooms and common areas. As a result, the hotel has become the flagship of the French hotel chain B&B.

In Luis Vidal's own words, "Our responsibility as architects is to provide the best experience for the guests, generating spaces without stress but at the same time surprising and with great quality. At the Hotel B&B Puerta del Sol we have created a transition between the city and the individual realm, between travel and rest.

Our goal has been to make a difference in both innovation and sustainability, values that are in the practice’s DNA, offering guests an experience that leaves a positive and memorable emotional “impression”. Customization, new technologies, natural light, textures, colors, acoustics and circulation management have been studied and developed to raise the customer experience to a step beyond the smart boutique hotel concept.