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Francisco Sanjuán participates in the conference ‘The building’s skin’

Recently, at the event "The building’s skin", Francisco Sanjuán, Associate Director and Codirector of the Department of Architectural Quality, gave a lecture of the "Hospital Álvaro Cunqueiro y Castellana 77". The event was held on the Cosentino City Madrid and organized by Evetson Group.

 The objective of the event consisted of a series of talks by experts on the aesthetics and functionality of the façades or "skins" of the buildings. Therefore, Francisco Sanjuán spoke about the skins of two of the most emblematic projects of the study.

 In the Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital, prismatic painting was used for the first time to cover the façade of a hospital and is characterized by an enormous durability without losing the intensity of the color and by the change of tone according to light and angle of sight.

 On the other hand, Castellana 77 opted for a façade, with its distinctive and unique shapes that furrow the surface of the building, not only serves an aesthetic purpose but is also energy efficient and sustainable by incorporating slats that protect it from direct sunlight. Both projects are an example of sustainability, both the Hospital de Vigo - model BREEAM reference in hospitals - and Castellana 77-LEED Platino-.