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Covid-19 Protocol

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and even before the quarantine measures implemented by governments of each country, we, luis vidal + architects, have started a remote-working protocol in Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Santo Domingo y Miami to prioritize health, safety, and well-being of our employees, collaborators and clients. This intuitive action has not exclusively served to support people, but has additionally allowed an increase in productivity and efficiency from which all our projects have profited. 

Technology and corporate dialogue are the pillars of our offices in Spain, Chile, Dominican Republic and USA.
This mentality and way of working have maintained the team cohesive and at the same time, has guaranteed the fulfilment of one of the core values of this office: the delivery on time and on budget of all the projects.

We would like to share that we are currently developing a protocol in order to go back to normality, accordingly to the evolving situation of COVID-19, and always paying attention to the guidelines issued by the authorities of each country where our offices are established.

Quality has consistently remained to be our goal, under any circumstances. In luis vidal + architects, we have responded to the pandemic challenge with the level of anticipation, commitment and quality our clients, collaborators and team expect from us.   Excellence is our responsibility.